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Building a tailored portal for customer engagement and file sharing

Project Overview

A leading telecoms industry specialist partnered with us to build a bespoke customer and member portal. The goal was to streamline the sharing of free and paid content with the company’s contacts and clients. The resulting portal, developed in two months, enhanced audience engagement, and significantly reduced costs by replacing an expensive third-party file-sharing platform.

Company Size

10-50 Employees



Technology Stack

HTML 路 CSS 路 Laravel 路 MySQL 路 PHP 路 Apache 路 NGINX 路 AWS

Key Metrics

2 months 路 4 team members

About the Company

The customer is a leading telecommunications industry specialist with a global presence in Europe and North America. The company provides industry analysis, research, and strategy advisory to technology vendors and service providers in the telecoms and UCaaS space.

Customer Objectives

Streamline asset sharing for both free and paid content under the same platform.

Implement granular access control to manage user access to different assets based on their roles.

Track user engagement with statistics, including signups, logins, downloads, views, and popular content.

Interact with the audience by posting announcements and updates visible to members and customers.

Replace an expensive third-party file-sharing platform with a proprietary solution to reduce ongoing costs.


To achieve the objectives, we combined an agile software development approach with close customer collaboration.

Requirements Elicitation

We worked closely with the customer to gather, analyse and inform product requirements.

Features Prioritisation

We broke down the requirements into distinct user stories to prioritise the development efforts and iterative release of portal features.

Rapid Development & Staging Releases

The portal was launched within two months, with frequent staging releases to accelerate feedback cycles and ensure a smooth production release.

Role-Based Access Control System

We developed a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system to differentiate between members and customers and let admin users manage access based on roles.

Individual Asset Assignment

For even more granularity, we enabled portal administrators to assign individual assets to specific users and vice versa.

User Statistics Tracking

We integrated features to track portal user stats such as signups, logins, downloads, views, and the most saved and downloaded items.

Admin Announcements

The portal enabled admin users to post announcements on the home page, which were visible to members and customers.

Lead Magnet Sharing

We included the ability to share free content teasers in various file formats to encourage members to purchase paid content.





Months Go-To-Market (GTM)


Registered users


Monthly active users ratio

The launch of the custom member portal led to several notable outcomes:

The custom member portal developed by Fractional Teams successfully met and exceeded our customer鈥檚 objectives. By providing a reliable, user-friendly platform with advanced features tailored to their specific needs, the project enhanced operational efficiency, user engagement, and cost-effectiveness. This case study highlights the importance of understanding customer requirements and delivering a tailored solution that drives business growth.

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Hi! I'm Kateryna Novozhylova, co-founder & CPO at Fractional Teams. I write about product management and agile development practices.

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