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Building brand awareness with LinkedIn and Search ads

Results at a glance

After seven months of running social and search ads from May 2023 to November 2023, we saw a significant increase across all KPIs:


Growth in the user sign-ups


Increase in the social media engagement rate


Growth in the month-on-month revenue


Growth in the social media followers


Growth in the number of website visitors


Ads clickthrough rateย 

Project Overviewโ€‹

Our customer, a global cloud service provider, faced a lack of brand awareness among its target audience, which resulted in low customer acquisition and ineffective marketing campaigns. The company turned to us, seeking to implement strategies that would improve brand recognition, ultimately helping to increase website traffic, boost platform sing-ups and drive revenue growth.ย  ย 

In order to do this, we decided to launch LinkedIn brand awareness and Google search ads campaigns, targeting the customerโ€™s buyer personas that we identified previously by conducting thorough market research.ย 

Company Size

10-50 Employees


Cloud Computing

Tools Used

LinkedIn ยท Google Analytics ยท Canva ยท Google Ads

Key Metrics

7 months fixed-term project ยท 3 team membersย 

About the Company

The customer is a cloud service provider with a global presence in Europe and the Americas. The company provides access to a cloud computing platform, which offers users an intuitive experience to buy IaaS and PaaS resources for artificial intelligence, machine learning, gaming, rendering, scientific, manufacturing and many other industries.

Customer Objectives

Build brand awareness, as most target customers werenโ€™t familiar with the company and its solutions; warm up the audience before cold outreach.

Develop customer loyalty and trust.

Run targeted ads on search and social media to engage with the customer's buyer personas, focusing on specific interests, keywords, and demographics.

Generate interest in the companyโ€™s cloud solutions and boost platform sign-ups.


To tackle these challenges, we launched LinkedIn brand awareness ads along with Google search ads. The goal was to warm up and inform the target audience about the company and its cloud platform, ultimately prompting them to sign up. As shown in the image, this approach is designed to help the customer achieve better results in lead generation by building familiarity and trust with its target audience.ย 

We chose LinkedIn because it is an ideal social media platform for B2B tech organisations that offers a vast community of professionals in the customerโ€™s field. Running LinkedIn brand awareness ads can significantly benefit the company by increasing its visibility and familiarity among the target audience. As the target customers see and engage with the ads on LinkedIn, they become more familiar with the company and its value proposition.

We set up audience targeting and launched a few ad variants focused on the primary buyer personas. To achieve better results, our team was optimising the LinkedIn ads campaign targeting and demographics based on the outcomes.

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is another effective tool to drive qualified leads to the website by bidding on the right keywords on search. It may seem like a costly investment, but this perception is usually associated more with B2C businesses. With the tech industry being a relatively narrow niche, it’s easier to target the desired audience.

We ran two separate Search Ad campaigns, each with a specific set of keywords focused on our target audience. Our primary goal was to attract users who were actively searching for those particular keywords, driving traffic to the landing pages and increasing the number of sign-ups to the platform.ย 

To accomplish this result, we regularly evaluated ad performance and refined the keywords to avoid drawing irrelevant traffic. Budget management was also a key focus. We set daily limits and controlled ad costs to maximise ROI.

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After launching LinkedIn and Google search ads, the target audience became better informed about the company and its cloud solutions, which led to better customer acquisition and a positive impact on all marketing efforts. The company experienced a substantial increase in email outreach, social media engagement, and website traffic. For instance, our email marketing campaigns saw higher open rates and increased engagement levels as our prospects were previously warmed up.ย 

The LinkedIn brand awareness ads were performing great, generating a lot of impressions, clicks, website visits and platform sign-ups. We doubled the number of LinkedIn followers and social media engagement.

We successfully implemented a Google Ads campaign strategy that resulted in significant improvements in KPIs. Our month-to-month analysis showed that the CTR improved consistently, with some ads achieving above 10%. This indicates that the ads were highly relevant and engaging to the target audience, leading to increased traffic to the landing pages and sign-ups to the platform. The regular maintenance of the ads played an essential role in ensuring we received the best possible return on the advertising investment.

After seven months of running social and search ads from May 2023 to November 2023, we saw a significant increase across all KPIs. User sign-ups increased by 274%, and monthly revenue grew 10x from the start of the campaign. The campaigns also successfully doubled the client’s website traffic and social media followers, expanding their digital presence.

If youโ€™re interested in how to successfully market cloud solutions โ€” donโ€™t hesitate to get in touch! We would be happy to discuss a cloud marketing strategy for your business, with a focus on delivering results that align with your unique business needs and objectives.

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