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Nuts and bolts of good B2B marketing

B2B products and services are becoming more complex and sophisticated. With narrow and more specific needs, you should primarily find the particular market you will target. It’s easy to lose sight and start introducing propositions for a different niche. As a result, your product doesn’t meet market expectations, and you may start thinking about what exactly has gone wrong. 

Earlier this week, I sat down with our founders and lead consultants to talk about the approaches that have been most successful with our clients. Fractional Teams are helping small and medium enterprises to promote their solutions and are ready to assist you too. 

So let’s shed some light on how to sell B2B products successfully! 

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What is the difference between B2B and B2C marketing?

There’s a massive difference between these two markets, especially regarding the product’s quantity, quality, and value. Generally, B2C organisations are trying to convert quickly and sell more products. B2B often has a smaller volume and higher expectations.

In the B2C world, consumer buying habits are very impulsive. In contrast, B2B product-market fit relies on a longer and more complicated decision-making process. Some marketers mistakenly use B2C marketing and sales practices to target business-to-business markets. So, you should know how to pick the correct approach because digital marketing for B2B businesses requires greater trust and a more detailed understanding of the proposition.

Which social media sites B2B should be focused on?

Let’s go back to the fast consumption of B2C products!

Have you ever thought about what motivates you to buy a product? You see an attractive ad, video on YouTube, or just a simple recommendation from a blogger you follow and decide to make a purchase. All of these scenarios often take just a few seconds, as this is what we call an “emotional purchase”. However, such approaches don’t work in a business-to-business environment. 

B2B success stories are based on trust and long-term cooperation. As a product owner, you should understand that a CEO won’t be looking for solutions for their business on fast content-consuming platforms. You may successfully pitch B2C products via such platforms as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

However, to promote B2B solutions, keep your focus on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Of course, we don’t encourage you to neglect the rest of social media. However, you should know that Instagram may not help you boost revenue. Perhaps, it may increase your brand awareness.

Put simply, discover personas to target, and know where to find them. This will help you keep the focus on the right market segments.

Which are the most efficient ways to get customers and boost revenue?

When would it be cost-efficient to run PPC campaigns? 

Quality content is key! Paid advertising campaigns are something that comes secondary. If you have good, interesting content that drives people to your website, you may not even need to use PPC. 

For example, one particular area of advertising that’s very practical in the B2B environment is using LinkedIn Ads. It’s a platform where you can talk to your audience, do outreach campaigns to increase your brand awareness, and convert prospects to customers. 

Fractional Teams uses LinkedIn Ads for “warm-up” brand awareness, which helps personalised prospecting messages achieve better results. You may use Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, or a combination of all four. All you need is to build up a relevant marketing strategy that focuses on your target audience. 

What is the most common mistake in B2B marketing strategies?

Persona targeting has been around for years but is often not used effectively. For that reason, our inboxes may be filled with ridiculous emails and LinkedIn messages asking us if we’re interested in products that are completely irrelevant for us. That happens because companies don’t do proper persona research focusing on the product and service match against the market. 

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Fractional Teams when you need them, right?

Instead of paying a full-time contractor or crazy agency fees, you can get precise support on demand. Whether you need a full-time marketing team or you’re just looking for additional support for a new marketing campaign, the fractional marketing team could be an effective and cost-efficient solution. 

We value our customers` time and money. So check out our Marketing Plans, and you’ll pay for results, not time!

Hi! I'm Snizhana Protas, Content Marketing Specialist at Fractional Teams. I write about all things B2B marketing and sales.

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