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Community and Business Development Specialist

This role reports to the CEO and other senior team members and encompasses two key responsibilities for Fractional Teams and our clients; Community and Business Development. This role is to be primarily based in Lviv, Ukraine, so we are inviting candidates from this location only at present.

About this role


Community aspects:

Business Development aspects:

As part of a startup, this role will grow and adapt to the needs of the business and also best suit your skills and strengths. As the team grows, there is an opportunity to explore new opportunities or responsibilities.

Skills and Qualifications

Tools, platforms and systems to be used

LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Mastodon, Canva, Hubspot, Buffer, PhantomBuster, Lemlist, Mailchimp, Slack, Teams, Office365, Google Workspace, Trello, Ahrefs, etc. You would have an opportunity to recommend and potentially introduce new tools.

If you are an enthusiastic and pro-active individual with a passion for building strong communities and driving business growth, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.


The role is primarily home-based in Lviv, Ukraine initially, with a close, friendly online team and options to work from home when offices reopen in the future. Colleagues will be based in worldwide locations, including the UK, EU and Ukraine, with primary communication written and spoken in English. There may be opportunities to travel to events or international office locations from time to time.

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